A Parent’s Love Beyond Miles

Distance and love are two challenging opponents that come into our lives in many ways. Sometimes it’s through a passionate long distance romance and other times its through long distance parenting. As the borderless world of today continues to expand we find ourselves facing the idea of parenting from miles away. Whether it’s with our precious toddlers or our distant older children whom have begun to explore the world. Regardless of the age it is always difficult to maintain a close bond when we have loved ones separated from us.

Co-parenting has its challenges but distance can make it even more inconvenient. Whether you work well as a team or still deal with issues raising your children, co-parenting is always challenging. How do we maintain a healthy presence in the lives of our children if we are miles away? Love knows no boundaries, but distance can dilute the bonds we have created. Therefore, when distance separates us we need to put double the effort to make sure we are involved in our children’s lives.

Technology is the best tool for when we must parent from a distance. Communication through our new devices can help us transcend miles even oceans to keep us connected from anywhere around the world. Make sure that even if you can’t be with your children face to face, they know that through technology you are there for them in a matter of seconds. Communication is key for a healthy relationship, especially when distance separates you. Whether you are co-parenting, constantly traveling, or if your birdies have already left the nest, make sure you keep connected with them. A text or skype call can make a huge difference when we are feeling down. Remember you will always need them and they will always need you, even if it’s a quick call to ask you how to make their favorite recipe.

The important part is that as a parent you are letting your children know every day that they can count on you for everything and anything. Being parent is always difficult, but distance doesn’t have to be the factor for you not being able to be present in their lives. Sometimes all we need to get through the day is a loving text from those we love. Don’t let distance keep you from constantly being connected with your children regardless of their age. Being a parent means being there for them through the stages of life and especially being there in the most difficult moments life throws at us. Despite not being able to see them grow face to face, we can’t let that stop us of from cultivating a healthy relationship.

   Years ago, people kept passionate romances even if they were miles away, and they only had a pen and paper to keep them in love. Now, our possibilities for cultivating love from a distance are limitless. Putting effort is what counts when we are parenting from far away. Planning a trip to visit our kids or arranging a week off from work to spend time with them is crucial to let them know they are a priority despite all else. Unfortunately, time is the factor of life we can’t reverse. Missed years from our kids will never come back and distance doesn’t have to be our excuse for losing those precious moments. Now we can hop on a plane or get in front of a camera and be a part of their life. Among the billions of people in our world, your children are the most precious assets you have, therefore, don’t let a couple of miles stop you from showing them your unconditional love.

Love knows no borders, don’t let distance keep you from being a loving parent. Stay tuned for more posts about early childhood development, tips, recipes, and fun stories about these interesting years. If you have something you would like for us to blog about let us know. Remember every day is an adventure at Kids Village, your kids will love it and so will you!

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