Choosing the Right School: Elementary Edition

Our Core CurriculumFirst comes the terrible anxiety of dropping off your little one at that bright and colorful place we call preschool. After the tears, screams, and sighs of relief they begin their journey of knowledge. The years pass and they inch into “kinder” ready mode. So, that means you must once again start the challenge of finding the right place for your little angel.
Choosing the right Elementary school for your child is as important as when you had to choose the right preschool. Here at Kids Village its always bitter sweet watching our little ones during their last year as preschoolers because we know their chapter here is ending but a new one is waiting for them out in the world. Therefore, we know how difficult this time can be so here are some of our tips to choosing the right elementary school.

  1. Don’t Let Those Bright Walls Trick You
    – The first impression of any place is important to how you will visualize the life of your child at that school, but don’t let those superficial looks trick you. Many times, schools have these beautifully painted walls and an award-winning infrastructure they show case when you are doing those tours. However, by the looks of the walls you won’t really know what it’s like being a student there. Even though it’s important to make sure the space is right and everything looks appropriate, the most important part is taking a peek inside where the action happens, the classrooms. Try to enter a few classrooms and observe the students. This is key to really knowing what the quality of the education being provided is. You want to make sure to see the teachers on their feet engaging the kids making sure they are focused, having fun, and learning.
  2. Theres always a reason to smileIs Academics the Only Thing They Offer? – Yes, a challenging curriculum is very important for your child, but don’t let that be your only focus. In Kids Village, our curriculum included challenging academics but also other areas that boosted their creativity and helped them explore other talents. Therefore, look at the extracurricular activities that are offered and the other programs like the arts that the school provides. You want to make sure your child is getting a well-rounded education because not only is it healthy but also it makes them bettered prepared for the competition in the higher education levels. Remember they will likely be there until 5th Grade which means until they are about 10-11 years old, so you want to make sure they as many opportunities as possible to be engaged and active during these years.
  3. Classrooms Look Good, But Are They Too Crowded? – The classrooms are where the action happens so when you are taking a peek make sure you find a decent number of students in each one. Having a room full of 50 kindergarteners and one teacher is not the most effective option for your child. So, make sure you ask and see how many kids are placed in each room with how many teachers they have. It’s important because you don’t want your child disappearing in the classroom because the teacher has too many kids to look for.
  4. Will You Be Included in This New Journey? – At Kids Village, we always encourage and embrace parent involvement because its key for a child development. Therefore, make sure to ask how the school involves parents and how they can be a part of this important journey. Also, you want to make sure the school has an effective communication with the PTA and the other parent involvement organizations because if you ever have any concerns or grievances you want to make sure the school hears your voice and will take action on the matters.
  5. Follow Your Instincts – Our final tip is all about following your instincts! There are many options when it comes to schools for your little one but the person who know them best is you, the parent. These tips are just an overview of things you should consider when you start looking for schools but at the end of the day the decision is left on your hands and you need to be happy with the decision. Remember you know your child best and you will always want the best for them so ultimately trust your instincts as a parent.

We hope these tips help you find the right Elementary school for your little one. Stay tuned for more posts about early childhood development, tips, recipes, and fun stories about these interesting years. If you have something you would like for us to blog about let us know. Remember every day is an adventure at Kids Village, your kids will love it and so will you!

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