Learning through Play & Fun

Hours upon hours running around with your friends in the neighborhood park defined one of the best parts of our childhoods. Having fun was a primal part of anyone’s childhood despite what might have been going on around them. For those who couldn’t afford a soccer ball, any round object fueled the competitive spirit in the whole community.

Happiness came from having careless fun out of the simple objects in our surroundings. As adults, we can look back and remember those fun moments where we found happiness in the simplest activity. Play and fun defined some of the most memorable parts of our childhood despite the circumstances we grew up in.

Therefore, isn’t it clear how important having fun and playing is for our little ones? At Kids Village, our entire curriculum is based on building a well-rounded foundation for all our students by including academics and the arts, but as they go through a day at our school they always have the opportunity to have fun. Learning while playing is key to having them enjoy the day and remember what is being taught.

Whether its playing soccer or playing with slime their gross and fine motor skills are being developed. Physical activity allows them to test their balancing, coordination, and movement skills. Their knowledge grows while their physical state is improved. Playing is an opportunity for kids to use their imagination and achieve new goals. When playing a game with their friends they must improve their team working skills to work together and win. As simple as this may seem, a game can boost their confidence while having fun. Hard work, good ethics, cooperation, and many other values/skills are at work when kids go outside to play.

Social skills are the most difficult to pinpoint because every child is different and to some making friends might be easy while others find it perplexing. However, when you bring play into the classroom they are pushed into building relationships with their peers as they have fun. The development of social skills is always at work when lessons become interactive and include all the students in the learning experience. A child is more likely to remember what they learned in science class if they got to play with slime with their friends. When they are forced to rigidly retain information, then most of what they learn through the day is lost by the time they get home. Muscle memory and the simple feeling of enjoyment triggers the memory of the lesson allowing them to retain easier the information that was being taught.

At Kids Village, we all learn through play, making every day an adventure for all our students. Make sure your child is learning while having fun at home and at school. When they grow up they will have much more memories to tell their kids because their childhood was full of play. Stay tuned for more posts about early childhood development, tips, recipes, and fun stories about these interesting years. If you have something you would like for us to blog about let us know. Remember every day is an adventure at Kids Village, your kids will love it and so will you!

Author: Magda Y. Gelves

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