Easy ways to teach our kids how to be Healthy.

Teaching our children how to eat fruit and vegetables is a very hard task that takes a lot of time and requires lots of creativity.
At first it is normal to begin with juice and soup, but as they grow older we have to motivate and encourage them to eat fruits and vegetables as “they are”, this way they learn their color, taste and even their nutritional values. It is very important to introduce fruits and vegetables little by little and try to have them in small amounts.  Try to prepare and serve veggies and fruits in a fun way.  This way we get their attention.  Remember that our example is what matters; if mom and dad eat fruits and vegetables and if we have them always at our table, then sooner or later our children will enjoy them and eat them as well.  So keep on trying, be patient, that your children will come around before you know it!
Ana Descrivan
Clinic nutritionist
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