LOYOLA Elementary



Dear Parent and/or guardian:

We have great news!

In the year 2000, Kids Village Art and Music Studio Inc. made a commitment to foster the arts and culture in the early years of our community’s children. After much discernment and the success of our preschool, we decided to respond to the needs our families brought to our attention. Therefore, it is with great excitement that we are expanding to become an elementary school with an added faith component.

Loyola Elementary would become the first early childhood and elementary school in the U.S. to implement the Ignatius pedagogical methodology in education of the Society of Jesus and administered by lay people. Father Marcelino Garcia SJ, Belen Jesuit President for 25 years and many other Jesuit priests have been an integral part of its development. Lay-Jesuit collaboration is a positive goal that Jesuits attempt to achieve and we are honored to accept the call.

Loyola Elementary will commence with the kindergarten founding class in the fall of 2017. In 2018, 1st grade will be added and each year an additional grade level will be implemented.

In all to love and serve,



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