Online Supervision Matters

Technology is changing the world every single day. The ways we communicate, the ways we learn, and the ways we live are rapidly changing as technology becomes imbedded more into our daily lives. It has made our world both smaller and larger. Now we can cross oceans to see our loved ones in seconds through a portable screen. Books are no longer the only source of information and knowledge. Most of us rely more on Google than we do on Encyclopedias. There are even round little robots buzzing around our homes vacuuming our floors. The current generation we are responsible for right now is growing up in a new and exciting world full of technology.

Although, technology has given this generation more tools and opportunities, it has propelled new dangers. Before kids would simply play outside while we sat on the bench watching them. Now, a computer is a gateway for any bully or predator to reach our precious children. It has become even more important now to be aware of the dangers that can come into our homes because of technology. Many families have had to face tragedies, dangers, and loss because someone across the world was able to get into the heads of their kids.

Without having to mention the many tragedies that are highlighted by the news every day, let’s explore the importance of supervision of kids when they are using technology. Whether its bullying that never ends or predators forcing our kids to do atrocities, now those who matter most to us are in the most vulnerable position when it comes to online abuse. If your child, regardless of their age, is on a portable device, computer, or any other electronic that is connected to the internet, make sure you are well aware of what they are doing.

Like always, communication is key to be able to deal with the new dangers that lurk in the internet. From a young age start making your children aware that the internet has given anyone the opportunity to abuse anonymity and harm anyone around the world. Make sure they are able to come to you and discuss questions they might have about what they see online or who they are talking to. As a parent never feel guilty about having to take a look over their shoulder every once in a while, to make sure they are being safe.

There are games becoming popular right now that are fueled by peer pressure and lead kids to commit crimes, violent acts, and even some, suicide. Supervision is right now more important than ever. Before we just warned kids about talking to strangers or avoiding suspicious peers, but now they literally have all these dangers at their fingertips. Make it a habit to discuss what they are doing online, who they are talking to, and what they have been running into. Incorporating this open communication into the family’s daily routine is a great way to supervise what they are doing online. Remember privacy is a privilege that is earned as they grow, therefore it is your responsibility as a parent to supervise and be there as they begin to explore the online world.

Don’t let the dark side of technology keep you from allowing your children to take advantage of the opportunities it has created. Supervision and communication are key to making the best of our online world while we keep our families safe. Stay tuned for more posts about early childhood development, tips, recipes, and fun stories about these interesting years. If you have something you would like for us to blog about let us know. Remember every day is an adventure at Kids Village, your kids will love it and so will you!

Written by: Magda Y. Gelves

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