Our Little Generation Unknown

As we drop off our little ones at school we always wonder what will happen when they grow up. Now more than ever we really can’t pinpoint where the world be or what life our little ones will end up living. Even education is rapidly changing. Before 13119864_1716140815269858_7114745151899481800_osimply having our kids be perfect “A” students would assure that they would have a successful career. However, now not even college is enough to secure a good future for our kids.

What can we do? What steps do we take to make sure we prepare this generation for the unknown? As parents and care takers we need to make sure our kids are being exposed to different ideas, different people, and are having a well-rounded lifestyle from a young age. Before we saw extracurricular activities like chess or even football as just a recreational hobby that helped them burn out their energy. However, now we have seen the true benefits of having our kids be actively involved in extracurricular activities in school and in the community.
Sports are the not only key to make sure our little ones are being active and healthy but it is also a great activity that promotes many positive traits that follow our kids as they grow. Team sports encourage our kids to work together, communicate effectively, and push themselves to do their best along with their team. Here is where they develop the skills to work in groups and become leaders in these teams which are vital skills they will need in their careers. Even individual sports teach our kids to be put forth their maximum effort, to work towards their goals, and to face the many sides of competitive situations. One track star not only has an extraordinary set of physical abilities but they are experts in knowing how you must work hard to reach your goals and how winning feels after you know you did your best. They are also masters in getting back up even after you fail. Our little ones end up learning more about life playing games than by sitting in a classroom.

13243913_10153784035733315_2205901475850970_oEven though many of us dream about raising Olympians, we know not every little one is up for sports. Therefore, our communities and schools offer other activities that will help our kids in learning important skills they will need in life. Clubs are where leaders are formed. There, kids not only meet different people and explore their interests but they also learn to lead their peers. They must handle projects, competitions, and programs that will force them to get out of their comfort zones and learn more about subjects they are interested in.

Another option for our kids is the universal language of the arts, they exploit even the littlest mind’s creativity. Whether its playing music or learning to paint in the styles of old masters, our kids use a different side of their brain that during school is usually not stimulated. The arts help our kids not only learn techniques and enjoy their talents, but they stimulate their creativity. This is perfect to make sure our kids are really exploring their interests and imaginations. We want to make sure kids are prepared for a world full of the unknown, they must think differently to hit the curveballs life will through at them.13996128_10153977715703315_3227604541246264910_o

Even though we can’t possibly predict how the future will look for our growing angels, we can at least make sure they start a path that will equip them with the skills needed to stand out and succeed in life. All leaders, all success stories began with a little toddler walking curiously into the many stages of life. We won’t always be there to make sure they are ok but we can at least make sure we give them all the opportunities to live a fulling life. So, today when you pick up your favorite little person make sure to ask them what activities they would like to try out next. Who knows maybe you are in the presence of the next Michelangelo, the future president, or the next amazing parent…

Stay tuned for more posts about early childhood development, tips, recipes, and fun stories about these interesting years. If you have something you would like for us to blog about let us know. Remember every day is an adventure at Kids Village, your kids will love it and so will you!

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