Kids Village Arts Preschool sets the bar for fundamental education!

Our Preschool sets the bar a step higher from every other curriculum. Ours is an original creation, not borrowed from another country or school. It is strongly based on an Educational Philosophy that has a proven track record since 2000. Not to mention, the kids LOVE it!

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Working with the child’s family is key to the integral development of the child. Continuous communication between the school and home positively influences the teacher-student relationship and establishes a direct link to what the child is learning at school. For this reason, family projects and parents’ invitations to school activities are essential.

Age Groups

Sweet Discoveries

18 month – 3 years old

We give our welcome to the newest members of Kid’s Village Arts Preschool.
An adventure filled with laughter and learning experiences. “Yes, I am small, but I can do lots of things. The world is new to me, and what better way to discover it here in Sweet Discoveries“.

Jungle Escapade

3 – 3 ½ years old

As we embark in this new escapade teacher’s guide our children through a new and different environment full of adventure, knowledge, and independence in an ultimate escapade experience. Self-esteem is the key element in this expedition as we begin to socialize.

Digging Dinosaurs

3 ¼ – 4 years old

They compare us to scientists, and in some ways this is how we feel. We are growing so fast that our world transports us to new exciting explorations and knowledge as we enter Digging Dinosaurs.

Outer Space

4 – 5 years old

Our classroom is our own planet where we create and experience collaborative play, build relationships with children as well as with adults, and we participate in group routines. We are the role models of Kid’s Village Arts Prescholl core and values. We are eager learners ready to go beyond average knowledge.


Weekly themes are selected in order to allow the free exploration and use of different materials and mediums that will stimulate the child’s learning experience. The learning process through weekly themes allows the teachers to guide their students to learn from real world topics, where children are motivated and involved in their own learning experience, but most of all, to produce high-quality work.