Unconditional Pet Love Matters

Unconditional love is a concept we can’t explain but we simply feel. Therefore, how can we integrate unconditional love and loyalty to our children’s lives in a way they will begin to embody these values in their life? Pets are the embodiment of love, loyalty, and appreciation in the many forms they come. They depend on us for shelter, food, and love but they give us much more than what we provide them with.

However, as cute as pets can be they also bring about a lot of responsibilities on their owners. Many times, we are hesitant to give into our children’s wishes of owning a cute four-legged friend because we know the effort it takes to care for another life. But, before you completely shut out the idea of becoming a pet parent, take a look at the benefits they can have on your family.

Everyone needs someone to talk to and rely on unconditionally, someone that will listen in a nonjudgmental way, pets are the embodiment of this support. When it comes to reading, many schools bring in service dogs to help kids improve their reading skills. Our four legged friends sit there and listen to anything we have to say with appreciation and no judgement.

This role that pets fill in our lives is crucial in early development because it helps children feel that they have a best friend that protects, listens, and plays with them every day. Our little ones begin to develop a relationship with their pets and learn to confide in them. Whether its practicing reading, playing an instrument, or talking, pets are a great asset for kids to develop their skills because they know that even if they make a mistake, their little furry friend will never judge them. This unconditional support sans the judgement is a great way to boost children’s self-esteem from a young age.

Further, man’s best friend relies on us for their basic necessities, leaving us with the ability to take on the responsibility of nurturing another life. Regardless of the age of our little ones, its beneficial to incorporate into their daily routine little tasks that deal with taking care of their pets. This allows them to feel more confident in their value because they know that they are able to care for someone else. While pets are their unconditional companion, they know their role in their pet’s life is vital. Now with the help of a furry friend you are teaching responsibility to your children from a young age.

Bringing in a pet into the family is a tremendous commitment but the pros outweigh the cons many times. They come in all shapes and sizes, giving us the opportunity to have an unconditional companion that will always be there to love us. Pets become part of the family, they become our sisters, brother, and children relying on our support. As they help our children in their development they become essential to the workings of the family. Everyone in the family builds a strong relationship with their four-legged friend that lasts a lifetime.

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Written By: Magda Y. Gelves

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