What are we doing about mosquito control?


What is Kids Village Arts Preschools doing about mosquito control?


In case you haven’t heard, mosquitoes have been big news in Miami lately. This summer has turned into the worst summer on record for mosquitos in our City.

Now with a new school year starting up we are taking additional measures to keep your kids safe from mosquito bites.

Steps we are taking:


  1. Source Reduction – Perhaps the most important single thing we can do is to make sure that school grounds are not contributing to local mosquito problems. It’s especially important to check water catchment basins, storm drains, low areas, and equipment storage yards and playground equipment for places where water might be caught and held.
  2. Treating Mosquito Resting Sites – Mosquitoes are primarily active in the evening and morning.  During the day, adult mosquitoes typically rest in vegetation or other shaded sites. We can use this information to reduce mosquito numbers. Treatment of mosquito resting sites can dramatically reduce bites and biting rates in the immediate area of treatment.
  3. Low Volume Treatments –  We are diligently working with the City of Doral to be included in community-wide spray actions.
  4. Education and Awareness – One of the most important messages that Kids Village Arts Preschool can send is the importance of wearing insect repellent DAILY. Please, use a good repellent EVERY morning.



Not all people are equally attractive to mosquitoes. Body chemistry differs from person to person and some of us smell more attractive to mosquitoes than others.  Don’t assume that because you aren’t noticing bites that mosquitoes are not active.


Remember the 4 D’s

DUSK/DAWN- Stay indoors at Dusk/Dawn. This is the time of day that mosquitoes are most active.

DEET-Use insect repellents that contain Deet when going outside, especially at times closer to dawn or dusk when mosquitoes are most active.

DRAIN – Remove all areas of standing water. Examples are pet dishes, birdbaths, and water dishes under potted plants. Repair faulty French drains. Remove debris from rain gutters. Mosquitoes will breed in this debris since it is normally damp under the debris. Remove all piles of dead leaf material from under trees and shrubs. This also is a breeding site.

DRESS– Avoid being bitten by mosquitoes by wearing light colored long sleeved shirts and long pants when going outside.


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